We hope our videos provide a deeper understanding of life at Noble and the hard work of our students and teachers. Visit our YouTube page to view more videos on all aspects of life at our campuses and to see some incredible student performances.

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Right Angle, a Noble organization, provides summer college immersion programs to rising juniors through Summer of a Lifetime. The program was started by Michael Milkie, prior to his founding of Noble. He and a Hansberry student who will participate in the program this summer talk about Summer of a Lifetime's impact.

A portion of Pritzker College Prep's Jazz Ensemble most recent performance at the Elmhurst Jazz Invitational is featured in the video below. Learn more about Pritzker's music program.

Pritzker Jazz Ensemble - "Lemon Drop" at the Elmhurst Jazz Invitational

Congratulations to Ashley Riggio of Noble Street College Prep for receiving Teach for America's 2013 Alumni Awards for Excellence in Teaching! Learn more about her award!

Be Noble

Watch our video featuring our incredible students, alumni, teachers and Noble's founders as they talk about what it means to Be Noble.

PEOPLE's Teacher of the Year, Mr. Rob Vega, featured on

Parent Voice for School Choice Rally - October 2, 2012

Thank you to the almost 800 Noble parents, students, teachers, alumni and staff who attended the Parent Voice for School Choice Charter Rally. Noble's presence and enthusiam was impressive and our supporters' desire to give more families a chance to "Be Noble" was felt by all.

Be Noble Video