The Noble Way - April 2014

Hansberry College Prep becomes International Baccalaureate World School!

We are excited to announce that Hansberry College Prep is now an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the Diploma Programme! IB schools share a common philosophy — a commitment to a high quality, challenging, international education that aligns well with the Noble model.  As Noble's only IB campus, Hansberry College Prep will offer students a rigorous education on par with other Noble campuses and increased opportunities for more advanced coursework. Read about the IB Programme in recent news coverage.

Hansberry's IB Programme

Charter Victory in Springfield

On April 8th bus loads of Noble parents, students, and alumni joined 1500 charter supporters in Springfield to tell their legislators to vote no on anti-charter legislation. Many other supporters sent messages and letters to their legislators urging them to vote down anti-charter bills.
Thank you to our supporters for your efforts. Our voice was heard and we were able to gain support from legislators, which led one bill to be voted down and progress on others slowed. We encourage you to continue to contact your legislators to tell your story of school choice and what Noble has meant to you and your family!

STEM Program Inspires New Generation of Engineers

STEM programming across our campuses is developing an interest in math, science and engineering among a new generation of students. Lor Clincy, a senior at Johnson College Prep, is among them and plans to study engineering in college as a result. As a junior she participated in a year-long class that integrates science, civics and engineering in one cohesive curriculum called Project Lead The Way. Through this programming, students learn by building, testing and risk taking, and it has led to an increased interest in science and engineering fields.
Of students that have participated in this curriculum, one in six are applying to study engineering at college. Considering that the overwhelming majority of Johnson College Prep students are African American and low-income, this is extremely unique when compared with national trends.

For Lor, the program exposed her to new fields of study and careers, opening up a world of possibilities. She discovered a passion for engineering and arcitecture while traveling around the U.S. and seeing engineering wonders like the St. Louis Arch and Chicago's Willis Tower. "STEM classes allowed me to be more hands on with my learning. It enhanced my want to create and innovate, and gave me insight into how it would be to operate as an engineer on a daily basis" say Lor about how the classes shaped her decisions around her college degree and schools of choice. After graduation Lor is planning to study civil engineering and arcitecture and has already been accepted to top programs, including the engineering program at New York University.

CrossFit Programs Developing Healthier Noble Students

Six Noble campuses have adopted CrossFit workout programs as an effective way to help our students build healthy minds and bodies. CrossFit is a fitness regimen that incorporates high-intensity interval training into daily routines to optimize the overall fitness of participants. CrossFit aims to help individuals maximize their fitness potential and is built on a spirit of community and encouragement. Noble's students are embracing CrossFit not only because of the personal fitness growth they have seen, but also because of the positive environment and team-building it encourges.

Watch our videos to check out the inspiring programs at our Noble Street, Chicago Bulls and Pritzker campuses!