Interested in Transferring to a Noble School?

The campuses listed below have very limited seats available for current high school students interested in transferring to a Noble high school. If you are interested in transferring, please contact the school directly or complete an application online using the link below.

When applying for a transfer spot, be sure to select the current school year (2017-2018). As a reminder, students that currently attend a Noble school may not transfer to another Noble campus.

The campuses below are currently offering enrollment for some grade levels.  If you are interested in transferring, please contact the campus’ main office directly.

Transfer Opportunities for 2017-2018 Enrollment

Campus Name Address Phone Accepting Transfer Students?
Baker College Prep 2710 E. 89th St. Chicago, IL 60617 773.535.6460 Yes
Bulls College Prep 2040 W. Adams St. Chicago, IL 60612 773.534.7599 No
Butler College Prep 821 E. 103rd St. Chicago, IL 60628 773.535.5490 Yes
Comer College Prep 7131 S. South Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60619 773.729.3969 Yes
DRW College Prep 931 S. Homan Ave. Chicago, IL 60624 773.893.4500 Yes
Golder College Prep 1454 W. Superior St. Chicago, IL 60642 312.265.9925 Yes
Hansberry College Prep 8748 S. Aberdeen St. Chicago, IL 60620 773.729.3400 Yes
ITW Speer Academy 5321 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60639 773.622.7484 Yes
Johnson College Prep 6350 S. Stewart Ave. Chicago, IL 60621 312.348.1888 Yes
Mansueto High School 47th St. & California Ave. Chicago, IL 60632 773.349.8200 No
Muchin College Prep 1 N. State St. Chicago, IL 60602 312.445.4680 No
Noble Street College Prep 1010 N. Noble St. Chicago, IL 60642 773.862.1449 No
Pritzker College Prep 4131 W. Cortland St. Chicago, IL 60639 773.394.2848 Yes
Rauner College Prep 1337 W. Ohio St. Chicago, IL 60642 312.226.5345 Yes
Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy 3645 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60651 773.242.2212 Yes
The Noble Academy 1443 N. Ogden Ave. Chicago, IL 60610 312.574.1527 No
UIC College Prep 1231 S. Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60608 312.768.4858 No
Comer Middle School 1010 E. 72nd St. Chicago, IL 60619 773.535.0755 Yes

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