Noble's Alumni Network

"Because of Noble I will not be part of the statistic that includes students who drop out of high school or college.  I will be part of the statistic that shows that it is possible to come from Noble, go to college and be a successful person. Thank you Noble."    - Priscilla, Noble alumna attending Connecticut College

Noble's education extends beyond just getting students in to college - we want to make sure they graduate from college and are able to positively influence their communities for generations to come.  With our graduations this June, Noble now has over 5,000 alumni. Among them are 1,500 new graduates who will be heading to colleges and universities across the country this fall.  Our most valuable resource for alumni is their Alumni Coordinator whose goal is to help Noble alumni graduate from college and lead exemplary lives. The support provided by our Alumni Coordinators includes:

  • Academic and financial aid advising and workshops
  • Resume review
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Counseling for new alumni as they adjust to college life
  • Providing high school transcripts

Alumni Achievements

If you would like to get involved, please contact your campus’ Alumni Coordinator to learn about more opportunities.