Chicago Bulls College Prep, Class of 2013
College: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Major: Kinesiology on a path to physical therapy

Daniel is a member of the founding class of graduates from Chicago Bulls College Prep and became involved with the Crossfit program at the campus prior to graduation. Learn more about the impact that the campus had on his growth from Daniel, his mom and his advisor through a feature produced by Crossfit.



Pritzker College Prep, Class of 2010
College: Marquette University
Major: Biomedical Science, minor in spanish for health professions
Family: Rosa is a first generation college student and has many cousins who attend Noble campuses.
"Attending Pritzker was the best choice I could have made for a high-school. The academic rigor of AP and honors courses, as well as my involvement in extracurriculars really helped me develop an understanding of what my life would be like as a college student. Additionally, the structured academic environment, high expectations I was held to, and  the support I received from teachers and staff have attributed to my success and ability to adapt so quickly to life in college."


Gary Comer College Prep, Class of 2012
College: Villanova University
Major: Economics
Family: William has a younger brother who attended Muchin College Prep and two younger cousins enrolled in Baker College Prep and Butler College Prep.

"Gary Comer taught me persistence. Wherever you are in life, you're there for a reason, so continue to fight. I doubted myself a lot as a freshman in college, but my advisor simply told me that I was at Villanova for a reason. I keep that statement in my head every time things get rough. Comer also taught me that good things come to those who wait and I think that "if anything is worth having, it's worth fighting/working for." 


UIC College Prep, Class of 2013
College: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Health and Societies and Fine Arts
Family: Sara's older sister Natalia graduated from UIC College Prep (Class of 2012) and attends the University of Illinois at Chicago. They were raised by their mother and are first-generation college students.

"Noble helped me strive to learn as much as I could. The teachers helped me realize the importance of being the best version of myself, and the importance of using my knowledge as a catalyst for positive global change. At UICCP, I was not always the most positive person; however, the culture of discipline and respect and the unity of scholarship and honor taught me how to challenge my ways of learning and interacting with schoolwork. I founds my passions for health science and the arts through my experiences at UICCP."


Noble Street College Prep, Class of 2012
College: Yale University
Watch our interview with Adriana to hear her Noble story and plans for her future.

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