Noble's Hiring Process

“I work at Noble because the systems in place allow me to actually teach and be successful. The professional nature of Noble's working conditions also make it an ideal workplace. I am treated like a knowledgeable practitioner, and thus, perform like one.”  

Sarah Kohtala, Noble Teacher

Hiring Process
Noble’s hiring process is rigorous and competitive. We believe that getting the best people to serve our students is the most important decision leaders within our organization regularly face. However, when we do hire someone, we believe they are joining the best team in education and will invest heavily in their professional and personal happiness.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy our process. Best of luck!


Noble's Decentralized Hiring Process: What to Expect

Many organizations have a centralized screening and selection process for candidates. Noble does not. Our strong belief in principal autonomy, our encouragement for innovation in all processes, and our constant fight against bureaucracy in education all run in philosophical conflict with centralizing hiring. To maintain our values, while also making sure we don’t miss out on great candidates, means that the process can get a little “messy.”

You should apply for all positions that interest you. All of our campuses are first-class schools and we are encouraged to see people having an open mind about where they will work and what they will do. It’s also fine if you prefer a very specific campus, location, demographic or job. Neither decision will impact our evaluation of you. And, ultimately, once you’ve applied for one position in our network, we make your portfolio available for all principals to see. Principals (or hiring managers) will often reach out to people who haven’t applied to their campus to see if there is interest.

Although many people never receive an interview, there is a chance that you will receive an interview from many campuses. If this is the case, you should be prepared to talk to someone for every position that you’ve applied for.

You can always bow out of a specific position (we don’t encourage this unless you know it’s not a fit) and should always feel empowered to ask questions if you’re unsure where you stand in the process.

Team Talent ( and the person leading your process at a campus welcome your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Ultimately our goal is to find the best people to serve our students. Sometimes this means a fast process, sometimes a slow process, sometimes a lot of interviews and sometimes fewer interviews. Our decentralized process has brought more than 1,000 of the nation’s best people to our team. Will you be next?

Increasing Your Chances
The majority of people who apply to Noble will not be hired and in many cases will not be contacted. Please don't be discouraged if this is the case; as with any job application there are elements of timing and luck that factor into any hiring process. That said, there are some ways to increase your chances of being contacted:
  1. Highlight your achievements, and, where possible, quantify your results. Your resume and cover letter (which can be generic to Noble if you’re applying to multiple openings) is your first chance to do this.
  2. If you know someone who works at Noble, reach out to them and let them know of your interest. Given the volume of applicants, that one email or call might be what gets your application noticed.
  3. Attend Noble events. These include interview days and workshops. Continue to check our website for more information; once you’ve applied you’ll also receive emails about events. Although not required, opportunities to increase your exposure are always good.
  4. If you have external resources that highlight your work, such as videos, news stories, portfolios, etc., feel free to share these via the application or by emailing Team Talent.
    1. We don’t expect this and please don’t let a lack of this prevent you from applying.
  5. Emailing, calling or showing up at campuses will not increase your chances of being interviewed. Given the volume of applicants we receive, your contact will generally be met with either no response or a generic response. For questions, please contact Team Talent.
  6. Do not try to “beat” the EPI survey. It’s neither beatable nor to your advantage to think you know what it’s looking for. Answer honestly; it’s only one of dozens of factors that influence the decision.
Preparing For An Interview
If you are given a chance to interview with Noble, the first thing to know is that every interviewer at Noble is different.

That said, there are some things that you should do to prepare:

  1. Do your homework. Read about the network and specific campus. If you know someone at Noble, talk to them about their experience
  2. Be prepared to talk about your achievements, and where possible, in quantifiable terms.
  3. Know why you want to work at Noble.
  4. Be prepared to talk about Noble’s approach to discipline/culture and your beliefs about it.


Preparing For A Demo Lesson
If you move forward to the demo lesson step, the principal scheduling the demo will give you specific guidance on what to prepare and will be your point of contact on expectations. Without getting into the specifics of strong instructional practice, here are some general tips:
  1. Keep in mind that a short demo should be organized, rigorous, student-focused, objective-driven, based in a standard, and manageable in scope.
  2. Expect a full house of visitors observing your lesson. We share demo lesson dates/times with all principals, and there’s a chance you will have more visitors than expected.
  3. Have a clear and measurable assessment of student mastery built into the lesson.
  4. Be prepared to reflect deeply on what went well and poorly in the lesson. Principals will ask. It’s OK if it doesn’t go well but important that you are able clearly analyze why if that’s the case.


Preparing Your References

You are expected to list three to five references. If you move past the first interview (and sometimes before that) you should expect that we will call all of your references. And it is not uncommon for principals to ask for more references on top of those provided.

If you have not spoken to your current manager about your application to Noble, you should not list them as a reference. However, if you get to a final stage, we will expect the opportunity to speak to direct managers.