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About Summer of a Lifetime

Summer of a Lifetime was founded in 1996 under the Right Angle organization by Noble’s founder Michael Milkie. The program eventually found its role in the support of Noble students who qualify for Summer of a Lifetime's university enrichment programs.  Summer of a Lifetime works to send Noble's typically low-income students to pre-collegiate programs at prestigious universities across the country to expose them to the college experience during their high school career.

Given an opportunity to stay on a college campus, meet other students from all over the world and attend classes taught by university professors, these students return with unparalleled confidence in their abilities and a burning desire to attend college. Most students experience a “summer of a lifetime” during the summers after their sophomore and junior years. The Summer of a Lifetime experience provides the financial and moral support that enables this experience, making it all possible. This summer school experience is the spark that motivates students to attend college while they still have two or more years left in high school and a chance to change the trajectory of their future.

In 2015, almost 800 Noble students attended summer university enrichment programs through Summer of a Lifetime at over 60 colleges and universities across the nation. Partcipating schools included: Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Georgetown, and Johns Hopkins University, and Brown. Watch Fox Chicago's coverage of the Summer Send-off event for 2014 participants. For more information, please visit Summer of a Lifetime's Website.

Summer of a Lifetime


“The opportunity to participate in Summer of a Lifetime means so much to me. It gave me the drive to not only attend college, but to graduate from college as well." Juliana, University of Arizona