Achievements & Results

"[Noble] has an exceptional track record of helping low income and minority students attain significantly higher achievement and graduation rates. Further replication will benefit additional students and strengthen the Chicago Public Schools system."     - U.S. Department of Education
Noble students and teachers work tirelessly, every minute of every day, to ensure that students are on a path towards success in college and beyond.  We have a longer school day and school year, but it is the focus of that time that leads to dramatic results.  Noble students are achieving double the academic growth between freshmen and junior year as their peers at other Chicago public high schools, and their ACT scores are almost three points higher.  While we know that results are so much more than one test, we value this objective measure of our success and will continue to strive for even better results in the years to come because so much is at stake for every Noble student.

Noble has done what is a challenge in any business - we have become better at what we do as we have expanded.  We have grown to sixteen campuses since 1999 and our academic outcomes have consistently improved.  Noble has successfully replicated its model while mantaining the cultural experience and high expectations for each of our students of our original campus.   


Consistently High Performance

We could not achieve these results without our students' consistently high performance across all ten Noble campuses. In 2009, three Noble campuses had junior students who took the ACT and all three ranked first through third among Chicago’s non-selective public schools. Subsequently in 2010 through 2013 Noble’s campuses dominated the list of the top ten highest performing schools. We have continued this performance in the years since with eight of our ten campuses ranked among the top ten schools based on ACT performance in 2014.

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