20 January, 2017
DRW Boxing Club Featured on Windy City Live
Mr. Cannon's leadership of the The Block brings grades and citizenship along with sweat and hard work.
1 January, 2016
Noble Schools Are Free And Open To All Families In Chicago
Begin your journey to college by becoming a Noble Scholar. Click to get started.
1 January, 2016
Become a Noble Teacher
Join Noble today to provide students with a high-quality education that will prepare them for success in high school, college, and beyond.
6 September, 2016
"Chicago Hope"
One of Noble's newest campuses, The Noble Academy, fosters an unprecedented partnership with one of the world's most prominent private schools.
7 September, 2016
Noble Students Earn Record-Breaking Scholarships
The Class of 2016 earned an astonishing $380 million in college scholarships as they head off to school this fall.
1 September, 2016
Noble's History and Success Featured in New Book
Richard Whitmire's new book, in cooperation with The 74, highlights the history of the best charter schools in the nation.

Noble Efforts Change Lives.

Noble has a daily impact on the lives of 12,000 students from more than 70 Chicago communities at our 18 campuses.  We know that the stakes are high, which is why our expectations for students and staff are even higher.  At Noble, we know that success is the only option.

Watch our video to learn more about what it means to "Be Noble" from our students, teachers, alumni and founders.

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